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To reach to a new younger audience a complete package design was required which I was tasked to do. Below are the old packaging and they wanted to introduce a range of new products which also needed to be designed. This

was a team based task though I was initially tasked to create guidelines for

the brand.

Laila Kashmiri Chilli Sauce 210g.png
Basmati Rice 1kgCC (1).png

Brand Positioning & Brand Strategy

Indian cuisine has been recognised as one of the world's most flavourful and diverse culinary traditions. Our extensive range of traditional products offer customers a culinary tour of Indian cultures that are steeped in heritage. From a simple Daal, butter chicken to the strong, aromatic flavours of Gushtaba; Laila products are for everyone. There’s nothing more enjoyable than when it comes to food. Create, Celebrate, Share and Care.  

Be the No.1 South Asian Brand in the UK.
  • To establish a credible, profitable position for the ‘Laila brand’ within the MAINSTREAM market.

  • Be available for all to enjoy.

  • Educate consumers about portion control; thereby reducing food waste.

  • Product ranges and NPD will be based on extensive research on our consumers, their perceptions, needs and purchase drivers.

  • Share our heritage, awareness and brand positioning in Independents for ethnic communities to leverage our position further in Multiples

  • Invest more into the ‘Laila Brand’ campaigns (digital, outdoor and in-store), strong promotional/ feature space plans , and more interaction with our consumers.

  • Innovation focusing on positive attributes of heritage and authenticity.

How we deliver this:

New Logo

The first task was to create a updated logo to go with the new identity.

The new logo which included numerous iterations features a minimal

design though still recognisable as 'Laila'. The removal of the shadow 

helps make it more readable from distance especially on packaging.

Laila logo sticker.png

Old Logo

laila logo white.png

New Logo


The motif was created as a team to appear on all ‘Laila’ branded goods. It would take a prominent space on-pack to re-inforce the brand values. It would also play a major part in all advertising & marketing communications and embed the ‘Laila brand’ into our valued customers & consumers.


Colour palette

Redesigned products

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