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SportLink is a carpool app designed for sports fans. It enables users to connect, share rides, and split travel costs to matches, saving money and reducing environmental impact. With a community page for posts and a messaging feature, fans can engage with each other, fostering a vibrant sports community.


The problem of high travel costs and environmental impact for sports fans attending matches led to the development of SportLink, a carpool app. It addresses the need for affordable transportation while promoting eco-friendly practices, creating a solution that benefits both fans and the environment.


SportLink provides a solution by connecting sports fans who are attending the same matches, allowing them to carpool together. By sharing rides, fans can save on travel expenses and reduce their carbon footprint. The app also offers a community page for users to engage and a messaging feature for seamless coordination, enhancing the overall experience for sports fans.


Three personas were created based on different types of people. An 20 year old student who loves football matches, An 29 year marketing manager who likes to attend cricket matches and 30 year software engineer who like to attend football and rugby games. They all wanted a carpool app and this one covers all their aims and needs. 

The main goals includes saving money on fuel by carpooling, better social experience while travelling with people (who have similar interest), Helping environment by travelling together instead of alone and meeting new people. This can all be achieved using the Sport Link app. The personas help us see various user who may use the app and what thier different aims may be.




Lo-Fi prototyping was carried next to see how the

app would look as digital screens. I also carried out a observation testing where I asked people to carry 

out basic tasks to see if they could understand the icons. 



Sport Link overall has been received positively judging from the feedback and will continue to improve over time with more testing. I am overall happy with the happy especially with the design, and its main purpose. I plan to keep improving my skills in future and may have more animations to make it look better.


Future features could include connectivity with watch and even car navigation so user can interact from carplay/android auto. A payment feature could be added however I feel users feel more secure paying each other through Paypal in person but it could be looked into. The Sports community will keep developing with ways to also keep track of live score and chat about live matches with friends. 

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