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To reach to a new younger audience a complete package design was required which I was tasked to do. Below are the old packaging and they wanted to introduce a range of new products which also needed to be designed. This

was a team based task though I was initially tasked to create guidelines for

the brand.

A New identity

The branding maintains elements of their existing identity refreshed into a

modern interpretation that reflects their refreshed identity; bright, engaging

and contemporary. The clarity in the messaging was vital, leading to a

paired-back design that focused on recognition rather than complexity.

SUN HEE logo in layers (1) (2).png

Old Logo

New Logo


Packaging Re-Brand

All packaging was redesigned keeping in mind the main target audience and the

overall branding. The new packaging features brand new vibrant colours and

illustrative elements to attract the consumers attention also making the product

stand out from the rest.

Sun Hee Kimchi jar_hot and spicy.png
Sun Hee Kimchi jar.png
Sun Hee TAPOKKI BAG (1).png
SUN HEE Sesame Teriyaki Rice Meal Kit.png
SUN HEE Hot & Spicy Ramen Meal Kit.png
Korean Sticky Rice.png
Sun Hee Tapokki Bowl.png
Sun Hee Udon Noodles Pack.png
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