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The Sport Brighton app, released in November 2022, offers gym memberships, court bookings, and more. However, it faces challenges with low downloads, poor UI/UX, branding issues, and slow performance. With ratings of 2.2 on Play Store and 3 on iOS, a redesign is necessary, aiming to improve through testing, evaluation, visual changes, and further validation. This project also

got featured on Design Rush so feel free to check the link below.


The Sport Brighton app has several drawbacks that contribute to its negative reception among users. Firstly, the app suffers from inconsistent organization, making it difficult for users to navigate and find the desired features. The design of the app is subpar, lacking visual appeal and intuitive user interface elements. Additionally, the app faces branding issues, which may affect its recognition and trustworthiness among potential users. Another significant concern is the app's slow performance, leading to frustration and delays in accessing information and making bookings.


To find out the main problems of the app I carried out usability testing with 4 different users. The users ranged from people who use the uni gym to people who use other gym app to get accurate data. Total time (for all users) was 21.33 min which is average of 5.3 min per user. I also carried out other methods such as questionnaire and SUS to get more data. To improve the app I would need to improve the homescreens first and then the booking screens as people really struggle with it. Booking a gym membership is also another process to improve as some people failed the task.





I did the usability testing again to see if there was improvements with the redesigns with similar tasks to before for more accurate representation. The total time to complete all tasks (all users) was 5min 36sec which compare to previous testing (21.33min) is huge improvement. The main feedback was it was quicker to use the app once they got to learn what each of the pages do. My testing was done in a controlled environment and most users said “ Easy and straightforward to use, big improvement from previous version”.  I also carried out other testing methods such as Nelsons Heuristics and SUS questionnaire to get more data. Overally this testing outcome was postive as it showed big improvement from before with tasks being completed more than 60% quicker and this could improve in the future. Some things I observed was that users go through the screens quickly and miss small details e.g avaibility in calender however this would be used more efficiently once the app is live and so are the features. 


Overall I am happy with the overall redesign for the Sport Brighton App. The formative to summative were also really positive with all scores imporving more than 60%. The feedback received was also very positive with only a few minor updates required, which are now done. I believe the design was the strongest part of this project as I kept with the initial guidelines and colours. I believed a full re-design would have lost its identity but am happy with how it looks now. 

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