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Surya Foods Online ( is

an e-commerce website that allows customers to conveniently purchase a variety of food products offered by Surya Foods. The purpose of the website/app is to provide a seamless online shopping experience for B to B customers seeking high-quality food products sourced from different global cuisines.


The task was to improve the flow of the app and make it more user friendly for B to B users. It would not be a complete overhaul ​but to help generate more sales by e.g pushing products at the checkout stage. The current platform generates millions in revenue hence its important.


To start off a range of wireframes were created and shared with the team. The below are the ones which were chosen as the one which best suited the needs.


iPhone 14 Pro – 1.png


iPhone 14 Pro – 2.png


iPhone 14 Pro – 4.png


iPhone 14 Pro – 5.png


iPhone 14 Pro – 3.png







Create a page to showcase the companies move to sustainability and how Surya Foods is currently helping the environment. The design should have a modern feel

but use the companies design guidelines. 


User can search any items by searching on top bar, once it clicks, they go to another screen where user can see recent searches also can see related searched items too. This was one of a new feature added to improve the UX. In that page if there is no data for recent purchases, or if user come to this screen after placing order, recent search API call and fetch new data.


The main array from which we search is also fetch once when user enter this screen, after that it will remain same for the current session. When user close app and restart app it will fetch again. You can see recent search terms and that will store locally up to 10


In the bundle offer, user can buy 2 products in said quantity then got a discount of X currency. For an e.g. If user bought rice of 5 kg in 2 quantity and Laila chana masala-5kg in 1 quantity then it should be for £100 rather than its original total price of £125.

Option to add more quantity was also added to help the consumers add more quantity of the same product and would be shown how much they would be saving (if discounted).

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